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Forever Tempered Glass iphone 6 Plus blue

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Κατασκευαστής Forever

Forever Tempered Glass iphone 6 Plus blue

Tempered Glass color for the latest models of smartphones. Provide effective protection for your device against scratches and damage. Easy to install. Delicate glass color will give your smartphone a brand new look. The film made of tempered glass is much more scratch resistant than plastic sheeting. It is resistant to liquids, and at the same time completely transparent. The film thickness - 0.33 mm. The set includes: film, applicator cloth to remove dust, wipe the screen degreasing, cleaning cloth to remove air bubbles and buttons (for iPhone).

Accessories: applicator, degreasing screen cloth, air bubbles removing cloth, dust removing cloth

Compatibility: Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Material: tempered glass

Producer: Forever

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